____le_bangbang (____le_bangbang) wrote in le_fashionable,


name: lauren.
asl: 15 years young, 16 in march - femme - the mitten state.
10 bands: brand new. bright eyes. the postal service. the pop project. the mars volta. weezer. grandaddy. piebald. sullivan.
3 places i love to shop: thrift store. forever 21. wetseal.
audrey hepburn or marilyn monroe: marilyn monroe. i think it's wonderful how she wasn't a stick..that she was actually in pretty big sizes, but still had a wonderful shape, and was one of the most beautiful people in the world. she had suchhhh great fashion. j'adore her.

le face

le fashion

pink sweaters.

concert hoodies, and AE jeans.

under my clothes i like to wear cute undies. such as these, my favorite hello kitty ones.

concert tees, and shirts with piano keys on them.

cute jackets with pins on them.

track jackets, with cute scarves.

curling my hair, wearing big fat pearls, wearing small sweaters, and scarves.

thick plastic headbands, suit coats, and t-shirts, with a cool scarf.

shirts made by me, like this one.

paperboy and newsboy hats.

wearing certain glasses (they're prescription) to match my outfits, and sometimes just wearing my contacts.

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